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    In what ways to improve the quality of the mold

    Nowadays, the competition among manufacturing industries is getting fiercer and more intense. It is very necessary for enterprises to produce mass-produced high-quality products in a short period of time. Improve the quality of the mold, manufacturing is the key to achieving a leap. Let the mold in the high-precision, low-cost, high-efficiency conditions, more time and more die to produce qualified parts and mold material selection, both to meet customer requirements for product quality, but also to consider To the cost of the material and its strength in the set period, of course, but also according to the type of mold, the use of work, processing speed, the main form of failure and other factors to the material.
    In the design must be reduced in the maintenance of a spare parts to be disassembled range, especially when wearing parts replacement, to minimize its disassembly range. Mold manufacturing process is to ensure that an important part of mold quality, mold manufacturing process and processing accuracy of the mold will affect the service life. The accuracy of the parts directly affect the overall assembly of the mold, remove the impact of the accuracy of the device itself, you need to improve the parts processing methods to improve the fitter in the mold grinding process with the level of technology to improve the machining accuracy of the mold parts ; If the overall mold assembly fails to meet the requirements, it will mold in the abnormal state of the mold to increase the chances of action, the overall quality of the mold will have a significant impact.
    The main parts of the mold surface hardening, in order to improve the wear resistance of mold parts surface, so as to better improve the quality of the mold. For the surface hardening, according to different uses of the mold, use a different method of strengthening. The correct use and maintenance of mold, but also improve the quality of the mold a major factor. Quality is the life of the brand. The quality of the mold will directly affect the quality, output and cost of the product, the cycle of putting into production of the new product and the replacement of the old product, the speed of adjustment of the product structure of the enterprise and the market competitiveness. Therefore, Quality puts forward higher and higher requirements. Whether the mold designer and manufacturer, the designer of the mold, or mold users should be actively concerned about the problem.