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    Mold processing has those advantages

    Mold is a large amount of manufacturing industry, a wide range of influential tools products. Without cavity molds, die-casting molds, molds, deep drawing dies and stamping dies it is not possible to produce widely used and competitively priced plastic parts, alloy die-castings, steel plates and forgings. In modern mass production, there is no high-quality mold, there is no high-quality products, it increases the production efficiency of enterprises, reduce production costs also play an important role. According to the latest statistical analysis abroad, 75% of metal parts roughing, finishing 50% and 90% of plastic parts is finished with the mold. Therefore, the mold industry is also known as "Crown Industry." Today, mold making has become an important part of advanced manufacturing technology.
    The material used to make the mold is usually a type of hard-to-machine material. At present, the mold cavities in China are usually formed by electric discharge machining (EDM). However, the efficiency of electrical processing is very low, both in terms of mold development speed or mold manufacturing quality, can not meet the requirements of modern mass production.
    The emergence of high-speed processing technology, mold manufacturing technology has opened up a new road. As far as possible with high-speed machining instead of electrical processing, is to speed up the mold development speed, improve the quality of the inevitable trend of mold manufacturing.
    The main advantages of high-speed machining are:
    Good quality of products - High-speed cutting High-speed machining of parts at a cutting speed about 10 times higher than the conventional cutting speed will cause the residual material of the rough material to be cut away from the workpiece in an instant and the residual stress on the surface of the workpiece is very small. Most of the heat generated during the cutting process (more than 95%) is quickly taken away by the chips and the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small. During high-speed machining, the spindle of the machine runs at very high speed (10,000 "80000 r / min) The frequency far away from the "machine - cutting tool - workpiece system," the natural frequency range, parts processing smooth and impact-free, so the parts of high precision machining, surface quality, roughness up to Ra 0.6μm. After high-speed milling Cavities, surface quality can reach the level of grinding, it often can save the follow-up of many finishing processes.
    High production efficiency - High-speed machining centers or high-speed milling machine mold processing, the workpiece can be a fixture, the cavity finish rough, finishing and other parts of the mold machining, the so-called "one-off" technology ), Cutting speed is high, the efficiency of the process itself is several times higher than the electric processing. In addition, it does not require electrodes and usually does not require subsequent manual grinding and polishing as well as automating the process. Therefore, the application of high-speed processing technology, mold development speed greatly improved.