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    What is plastic raw materials

    1, the main ingredient of plastic raw materials is known as the polymer matrix polymer resin.
    ?2, plastic raw materials: polymer synthetic resin (polymer) as the main ingredient into a variety of auxiliary materials or certain additives with specific purposes, under specific temperature and pressure with plasticity and mobility, can be molded into a certain Shape, and under certain conditions to maintain the shape of the material.
    3, Polymer: Refers to the polymerization process produced by pure materials or polymeric materials. Whether natural resin or synthetic resin are polymer polymers, referred to as polymer.
    4, plastic on the electricity, heat, sound insulation has good: electrical insulation, arc resistance, insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration absorption, muffler performance excellence.
    Most of the plastic raw materials extracted from some of the oil, the most familiar part of the PC material is extracted from the oil, PC material in the burning time with a floral decay odor; ABS is extracted from the coal , ABS will burn off when burned out, not blistering; POM is extracted from natural gas, POM when burned there will be a very bad smell of gas, white smoke, blistering.
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