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    Mold high pressure forming principle and concept

    Internal pressure forming is also called hydroforming or hydroforming. It is a material forming process that uses liquid as a forming medium and controls the internal pressure and material flow to achieve the purpose of forming hollow parts. The principle of internal pressure forming is to press the tube blank into the mold cavity through internal pressurization and axial force feeding to form the required workpiece. For the axis of the curve of the parts, the need to preform the tube close to the part shape, and then pressure forming.
    Because of its light weight, good product quality, flexible product design and simple process, as well as near net shape and green manufacturing, it is widely used in the field of vehicle lightweighting. Through effective cross-section design and wall thickness design, many automotive components can be made of standard pipe material, through the high pressure forming a single complex structure of the structural components. This is obviously superior to traditional stamping methods in terms of product quality, process simplicity and much more. Most hydroforming processes require only one punch (or hydroforming punch) that conforms to the part shape. The rubber diaphragm on the hydroformer functions as a generally female die, resulting in a die cost of approximately 50% less than a conventional die. Compared with the traditional stamping process with multiple processes, hydroforming can form the same part in one step.
    Compared with stamping welded parts, the advantages of hydroforming are: save material, reduce weight, general structure can reduce weight 20% ~ 30%, shaft parts can reduce weight 30% ~ 50%: such as car subframe, General stamping parts weight 12kg, internal high pressure molded parts for 7 ~ 9kg, weight loss 34%, radiator bracket, the general stamping parts weight 16.5kg, high pressure molded parts 11.5kg, 24% weight reduction; can reduce the follow-up machine Processing volume and welding workload; improve the strength and stiffness of the components, due to reduced solder joints and improve fatigue strength. Compared with the red welded parts, the material utilization rate of 95% to 98%; reduce production costs and mold costs 30%.