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    How to divide the type of hot-pressing mold

    Hot pressing mold in the type of a lot of division, the general will be used as the main purpose of the standard. For example, steel mold, if it is to auto lightweight body structure of metal used, in general, imported steel can come in handy, this type of mold usually have a number ranging from a few holes. If you want to pull the kind of texture is relatively hard texture of metal, you may need to use the cemented carbide die. The most common type of mold is the kind of cylindrical structure. Sometimes pull some non-ferrous metals, then you can choose to take the wire mold to use.
    Generally now in the new energy vehicles and automotive light-weight production process can often see the shadow of hot-pressing mold, which is its use of a larger existence. The emergence and development of the industry in China for a long time, almost to a dozen years, so far the market we will often see some of the more new type of mold material available, so it is more in the category of classification Careful and more specific, so that the user is better for the purchaser, as long as you want to see what you want to do, you can directly in the classification to find the kind of mold used for the purpose.
    That hot pressing mold has what kind of specific characteristics? Lightweight, as the name suggests is to reduce the weight of the body, the current import of high-end cars above the utilization rate is higher, I believe in the future development of China-made cars will be fully used hot stamping mold products, after all, for safety.
    Dongguan City, Star Mold Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, engaged in more than 10 years in the industry. There are specialized high temperature hot runner features build tools, multiple interchangeable insertions, and above all, DME and HASCO standards that we are all familiar with, can provide a very reasonable price, providing us with product complexity within 3 days Tools and product quotations, we always win the project due to our dedicated service and quick and accurate quotation. We are also the direct manufacturer, offering a complete service from prototype to final assembly, so you do not have to look for many suppliers. We help you to save time and effort!