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    Some standard plastic mold requirements

    1. Plastic mold is less than 2020 mold embryo, A, B plates need to be prodded pit; greater than 2020 embryos all the templates including the thimble plate to be pry mold pit.
    2. Die embryo guide bush to exhaust groove processing, to prevent the guide column guide sleeve strain.
    No mold on the sharp corners, the need for chamfering. Unless otherwise specified.
    4. Inner mold and mold parts without welding may not have.
    5. The periphery of the plastic mold product must be open in the appropriate position exhaust groove, exhaust groove specifications, please refer to the mold design manual.
    6. As far as possible to avoid grinding machine in the mold grinding, if you have to use grinding machine processing, you must save the stone with light (especially the parting surface).
    7. Inner mold surface treatment of plastic surface must be in accordance with the BOM, or other formal notification of the technical requirements. Non-glue surface processing lines (wire cutting, milling machines, CNC gongs bed, sparks machine) also use Whetstone Province bright.
    8. All internal mold materials, mold embryo level requirements must be based on the order, or design and verification process to confirm the technical requirements of the procurement. Must provide proof of material, if it is die, must provide heat treatment report. All relevant proofs.
    9. All plastic mold front and back internal mold, insert, line position, oblique top, straight top (push block), shovel chicken, etc. need to be machined in the bottom or side of a circular waist pit material name and hardness carved out.
    10. Line, push block, shovel chickens, jack mouth and other important parts must be easy to wear nitriding hardened.
    11. The line must be positioned. Positioning methods are Slingshot, Pearl, HASCO (DME) standard line folder, etc., the specific needs of the project in accordance with the requirements. Need to have a line of pressure, wear plate. Beads, wear-resistant plates must wear hard materials, need to add tank.
    12. Sloping pin column must be pressed, can not rotate and loose. Oblique guide column tail must be processed into a hemispherical or truncated cone shape, is conducive to the normal position to ensure movement. The length, size and inclination of the skewed columns must be the same for two or more skewed columns on the same row.