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    Silkscreen introduction and origin of development

    Screen printing generally refers to the screen printing, screen printing belongs to the stencil printing, which with the flat, letterpress, gravure together known as the four major printing methods. Slot printing, including edition, Lou perforated, Penhua and screen printing. The principle of stencil printing is: printing plate (paper film version or other version of the base to make through the ink holes) in the printing, through a certain pressure to make the ink hole through the hole plate transferred to the substrate (paper, ceramics, etc. ) On the formation of images or text. Printing squeegee squeegee, the ink through the graphic part of the mesh transferred to the substrate, forming the same as the original graphic. Screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, printing, plate making simple and low cost, adaptability. Screen printing applications a wide range of common print: color paintings, posters, business cards, binding cover, product signs and printing and dyeing textiles.
    Screen printing originated in China, dating back more than two thousand years of history. As early as in the Qin and Han Dynasties in ancient China, there emerged a method of printing the folder Jie. To the Eastern Han Dynasty Xie Jie batik method has been widespread, and the level of printed products have also been improved. To the great cause of the Sui Dynasty, people began to use a box stretched tulle printing, so that the development of the folder Jie Jie screen printing technology. According to historical records, the exquisite costumes worn by the court in the Tang Dynasty were printed in this way. To the Song Dynasty screen printing has been the development and improvement of the original use of oily coatings, began to add starch in the dye powder, making it a slurry for screen printing, screen printing products make the color more brilliant.
    Screen printing is a big invention in China. The United States of America Screen Printing magazine commented on the Chinese screen printing technology: "There is evidence that the Chinese used horse bristles and templates two thousand years ago, and the early Ming dresses proved their competitive edge and processing technology. "The invention of screen printing has promoted the development of the world's human material civilization. Today, two thousand years later, the continuous development and improvement of screen printing technology has now become an indispensable part of human life.