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    Hot stamping introduction and development prospects

    Hot stamping technology is the use of metal thermoforming principle, can be formed at the same time realize the plate quenching heat treatment, improve the formability of the material, greatly expanded the high-strength ultra-high strength steel in the automotive applications.
    With the launch of the national car collision, side impact, emissions and other mandatory regulations have been introduced, automotive body materials are increasingly facing tough steel challenges, the use of advanced high strength steel, such as DP steel, TRIP steel, reamed steel, etc. is also undisputed To become the mainstream of automotive materials trends. Through the body parts thinning and high-strength reasonable match, not only can effectively reduce the weight of the body, reduce fuel consumption, but also to ensure that the model's safety and comfort. However, for the stamping process, the thinning and high strength are the dual factors of deteriorating the formability, which not only makes the body parts easy to crack during the forming process, but also easily causes excessive rebound and affects the subsequent assembly of the vehicle body. In addition, the thinning of the high strength of the body parts themselves, the use of performance, especially the stiffness characteristics adversely affected. For high-strength steels with strengths in excess of 1000M Pa, traditional stamping processes are often at a loss. A new type of forming process, special high-strength steel hot stamping technology came into being.
    Overall, however, the impact performance of the domestic models (especially their own brand models), especially the side impact performance, is generally poor, and the hot stamping parts are reasonably used to significantly improve the collision performance of the vehicle body, reduce the weight of the vehicle body, Effective control of the overall body manufacturing costs. Some domestic auto brands not only have a strategic view of new hot stamping technology, but have adopted them boldly in their new or improved models and have achieved remarkable results. A certain domestic models, A, B after the use of hot stamping parts reinforcement, the N-NCAP (foreign collision test) jumped from a star to three-star. It can be predicted that the new hot stamping technology will be more and more widely used in the automotive field, and its related equipment and core technology research will also become a new hot spot in the stamping industry.